Know your audience

Get to grips on your audiences’ personality, thinking style and how they feel about issues. Then adapt your content, in real time.

emotional-photobooth_1 Personality Types

Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Human-centered analytics,
helping you understand the
core drivers of behavior.


Feelings that range from favorable and pleasurable to unfavorable and painful


Core emotions that range from calm and relaxed to tense and anxious


The constellation of emotional, cognitive and behavioral traits that describe people

Developed by scientists.
Focused on practical applications.

We’ve fused the best of science and practice into a suite of emotionally intelligent algorithms, and tools, to provide actionable insight, that you can put into practice immediately.

Scientific roots

Our algorithms are backed by the SCRG, a world leading internet research group, led by Prof. Mike Thelwall.

To date, there have been five scientific papers about our algorithms with over a thousand papers that have used or cited them.

If you’d like to learn about the science behind our algorithms, visit the SCRG.

Practical applications

We’ve focused our tools on the practical needs of working professionals, who want actionable insights, that will deliver results.

All of our research products have been aligned with Dr. Cugelman’s popular training on using digital psychology and emotional design.

If you’d like to learn about the digital psychology and emotional design strategies, visit AlterSpark.

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